Amateur College Sex: Jake Gets Laid

Amateur College Sex: Jake Gets Laid

When it comes to blond, buff, blue-eyed Jake we will watch him do just about anything! Wash dishes, fold laundry – but of course, if given the chance, it’s seeing him strip down to get off! Lucky for us, he’s not into doing chores as much as he is getting laid!

Jake holds none of his testosterone fueled, raw, sexual energy back as he hammers down into the coed. Jamie takes a hard plowing as Jake thrusts in every inch of his sizeable cock – and she’d have it no other way!

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OMG, It’s Tom Hardy’s Naked Butt! The English Actor Was Caught Stripping Off His Clothes While Filming His New MiniSeries

OMG! It's Tom Hardys' Naked Butt!!! The English Actor Was Caught Stripping Off His Clothes While Filming His New Tv Show

To say we have a thing for English actor Tom Hardy would be an understatement. He has earned so many points with us that everything he does just keeps adding to his appeal. Specially his commitment to the roles he plays and the fondness for stripping off in front of a camera, any kind of camera. What brought us here is the most recent appearance of his naked body. You’ll see, Tom is currently on location of his upcoming period drama miniseries, which he also produces, called Taboo and we’re glad to report that there’s nothing mini or taboo regarding Mr. Hardy!
The 38yo Academy Award nominee braved the elements and took an icy plunge into the cold Essex waters wearing nothing but his own skin and his tattoos (he has added via the make-up department some intricate geometric and banded tattoos across his body to the real ones he already has for this character). Unfortunately we can’t tell if there was some shrinkage because the paparazzi pixalated his crotch area despite that the actor didn’t cover his modesty with a burlap bag as it is usual in this type of productions. But we do have a clear view of his muscular physique and that beyond perfect butt before and after he jumped on the murky waters. Best part is that Tom was completely aware of the presence of the photographers and he’s even seen giggling at them minutes before covering again his body with some thermal outdoor clothing. QC readers, what do you think of this new leaked images of Tom Hardy going naked on set of his upcoming miniseries? Let us know in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Derek Allan and Massimo Piano – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Derek Allan and Massimo Piano - Bareback

Lucas Entertainment’s new exclusive Mexican model Derek Allan has an incredible smile, which is a nice compliment to an overall hot package. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with pairing him up with Massimo Piano, who has a perfect amount for Derek to suck on. If you’re looking for top-only Massimo action, your search is over. Derek Allan looks like he was born to ride the raw uncut cock of Massimo Piano!

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Hot House: Trenton Ducati and Shawn Wolfe


Hung Americans, Part 1 delivers heaping servings of Grade-A cock. These are ‘Big Dicks and the Holes They Fill’ blue collar, back woods, and trailer park style. Award-winning director Steve Cruz and his cast of all-American hunks salute the red, white and blue in the first part of the two-part Hung Americans. In part 1, nothing improves a man’s appearance as much as having a massive cock in his mouth … unless it’s having humongous one up his ass. Trenton Ducati‘s high flying flag pole and muscular body sweats pheromones as he consumes furry fuckster Shawn Wolfe.

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English Lads: Thomas Parks


Thomas is another one of these young men who plays lots of sports and has one of those naturally athletic looking bodies where all his muscles look about the right size and he has nice definition. As his clothes come off Thomas gets even more comfortable, one of these lads who enjoys showing off his body and when his boxers come off, up goes his flagpole!

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CollegeDudes: Luke Wilde Fucks Toby Springs

CollegeDudes: Luke Wilde Fucks Toby Springs

Luke Wilde can’t keep his hands off of Toby Springs’s package, and as they make out and strip off their clothes, Luke slowly and gently massages the bulge in Toby’s pants! As their pants come off, these two get more impatient and Luke can’t hold back any longer as he gets on his knees and gets a mouthful of Toby’s sweet cock, sucking on it and then getting his own dick sucked by Toby next!

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Do Hairy Legs Turn You On?


Testosterone is such a wonderful thing. We suspect that when hairy legs are attatched to a gorgeous hunk like this you will be inclined to say yes to our question, but what about to hairy legs in general? While you ponder on that check this hot new video from the Premium section of Sticky. This dude is serious business, he looks very concentrated on the porn his watching and the sex toy he’s using is doing all the work but we are sure that many of you are going to say that you could have helped him in a better way. But my goodness, it’s such a beauty to watch him push that hard cock deep while lifting those hairy legs and butt to show them on the video, don’t you agree? Watch the video for free after the jump and let us know your impression in the comments!

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The Casting Room: Cameron

The Casting Room: Cameron

New to TheCastingRoom, handsome young Cameron has a vigorous exhibitionist attitude and a dirty sexual mind. He’s an enthusiastic sportsman which has given him a fit hard body and he has a long silky foreskin that is just begging to be slid back over the bulbous head of his dick. Confident and cocky, he believes he’s seen and done it all but when it comes down to questioning about what sexual things he can do on camera it turns out the variety of sexual encounters he’s had is very limited. When it comes to showing off his asshole this hetero seems absolutely terrified he’ll be jumped on and fucked at any moment.

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Bel Ami: Nino Valens


Although this is the first time that Bel Ami is introducing Nino Valens, you can rest assured that we will get to see quite a bit more of him in the future, especially on KinkyAngels starting in May and June. Nino is a dark haired and very sexy Hungarian, who, almost from his first day formed a very close bond with fellow Hungarian model Jean-Luc Bisset and the 2 are now still basically inseparable.

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