Active Duty: Scott

Active Duty: Scott

Hey Troops, Y’all are gonna just melt when you meet this brand new recruit. His name is Scott and he’s the most delicious 18-year-old! Scott seems to be a young, but very confident young man and he certainly knows how to pleasure himself. His body is just perfect. He’s lean but has some nice muscular development and it’s easy to see he has such potential for the future.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

Self fucking requires some serious skills!

EricDeman has gained access to a new incredible hot video and they are sharing it with their subscribers! The contortionist in question is a skilled youngster. He did an amazing feat by sliding his tumescent cock into his own asshole. And the disappearing magic trick didn’t stop there. He shot his load immediately leaving his own cum all over his just-fucked ass!

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Queer Clicks: August 31, 2016 | Impromptu Locker Room Strip Tease Interrupted By Unsuspecting Bro, Matt Bomer to Play Trans Sex Worker, Criticism Over Casting Ensues , & Other News


Impromptu Locker Room Strip Tease Interrupted By Unsuspecting Bro

“You’ve just finished a particularly intense leg day at the gym, and upon entering the locker room, the unique scent of man-sweat, mildew and cheap shampoo suddenly inspires movement.

No, not the squats or presses of your previous hour’s (or 30 minutes if you’re us) hard work — a different sort of movement. Expression. Finesses. The power of dance compels you!” Queerty

Matt Bomer to Play Trans Sex Worker, Criticism Over Casting Ensues

“AHS co-stars Matt Bomer and John Carroll Lynch will appear together in the upcoming film Anything, which will follow a man (Lynch) who moves to Los Angeles after the death of his wife. There, he meets a transgender female sex worker (Bomer). The two soon come to terms with each other’s histories and find companionship, reports Variety.”

‘The Gay Bachelor’ Robert Sepulveda Jr. Opens Up About His Past As An Escort

“Robert Sepulveda Jr., aka the dapper bachelor and leading man on Logo’s new reality dating show, “Finding Prince Charming,” responded to rumors with The Huffington Post on Tuesday about his past as an escort.” Huffington Post

Scientists Discover Cells that Make Nipples Go Hard

“Scientists trying to understand the biological processes behind involuntary human responses say they have been able to determine what makes a person’s nipples become hard.” Towleroad

Juan Gabriel Was Mexico’s Gay Icon

“With his glittery capes, slinky dance moves and ultra-romantic lyrics, Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel was an unlikely king in a country known for its machismo. He never spoke about his sexuality, yet was widely assumed to be gay.” LA Times

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Robert Sepulveda Jr, From Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming”, Alleged Rentboy Past Unearthed – Naked Photos Surface!

Robert Sepulveda Jr, From Logo' “Finding Prince Charming”, Alleged Rentboy Past Unearthed - Naked Photos Surface!

This juicy scandal has everything: a reality television contestant, a sex worker past, an ex N*Sync member and a big cock. Scratch that, it’s a HUGE cock!

Former N*Sync singer Lance Bass has been promoting his new LOGO reality dating competition titled “Finding Prince Charming” like crazy. Think of it as the gay version of The Bachelor without that precise name because they couldn’t trademark it. Interviews, TV promos and red carpet appearances. Bass and his bachelor Prince Charming interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr are everywhere these days. They are determined to find true love for this Puerto Rico native owner of an award-winning interior design firm in Atlanta. In the papers he’s a total catch, handsome, ripped and money loaded. But… There’s always a “but” doesn’t it?

But it seems Sepulveda has a not very princely past. The show hasn’t even started yet and found its first scandal when news about Robert not-so-distant past as sex worker for now defunct site RentBoy began to get noticed. It remains unknown if he disclosed his past to the producers of the show. But the tattoo on his shoulder and his very distinctive facial features are practically a perfect match against the leaked naked photos so it looks unlikely that he can deny this at this point. Allegedly, Sepulveda offered his escorting services in Fort Lauderdale circa 2006. Under the alias of “Vincent Romen” he priced his time in $300 for an hour and $1,500 for an overnight stay. And get this, his main selling point was his 10-inch cock!

Make the jump to check out the naked photos of Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming” contestant Robert Sepulveda Jr. Do you think Lance Bass has seen him naked? Let us know in the comments!

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CockyBoys: Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Clark


Tegan Zayne is the latest CockyBoys exclusive model so the first order of business is to hook up with the one and only Gabriel Clark. Tegan hops in the car with RJ for a roadtrip to Montreal and the two talk the entire way. Turns out Tegan is a bit of an exhibitionist and likes jerking off behind the wheel so he whips out his dick and gives it a few strokes on the highway. He’s getting a bit too horny so he pulls off the side of the road and jerks out a quick load before getting back on the road to Montreal.

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Military Classified: Anders


When Anders arrived he was a little nervous. This is his second performance so he’s still a little green behind the ears so Rob wasted no time in stepping in as the producer and take care of the situation. Anders just followed along and all of a sudden he was ready to take his clothes off after filling out a bunch of paperwork and taking some pretty racy photos of his big uncut cock!

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GuyBone: Bareback Otter Romp – Happy Anniversary!!


GuyBone knew they had to go big in honor of their 5th year, and what’s bigger than a bareback 3way with a trio of hot otters who have all worked for several studios and wanted to cum together for ours? Not much is bigger, that’s why this was the perfect anniversary scene! We got Damon Andros, Stephen Harte and Dusty Williams to have a raw romp for us and they clearly had just as much fun celebrating our milestone as we did! In fact, they were having so much fun together, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

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Sticky Giveaway No.30


Dear Sticky Premium Members, the biggie is here!! We have reached yet another milestone here – Sticky Giveaway 30! We wanted only the bestest hawtest for you and we know you’re gonna pump so many loads out of this one you’ll lose count. Best 30 commenters will win this Sticky Pack. See you over at Sticky Premium.

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Broke Straight Boys: Mikey and Oliver Saxon


Mikey and Oliver Saxon have a quick discussion about their favorite physical pursuits, and when they’re done discussing they move into a physical pursuit they both have in common as Mikey wanders down to Oliver’s cock! He sucks Oliver’s dick until it’s hard and then he takes his own prick out and Oliver takes a minute to appreciate the immense size of Mikey’s huge cock.

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All Australian Boys: Johnny


Johnny has an awesome body, fresh good looks and a meaty big cock – all boxes ticked. We knew he would get hard soon, watching straight porn. We then suggested he put his cock through the gloryhole. We weren’t sure he would do this but consider he had been pull for a while – he couldn’t stop himself. The sucker chomped onto Johnny’s hard cock immediately. Expertly sucking it till he spurted all over him. Johnny is Super-hot !!

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Bearded Hunk Wanks In A Public Bathroom!

Bearded Hunk Wanks In A Public Bathroom!

He didn’t just go for a regular wank. Oh no, he went for a fully naked wank in a public bathroom!

This bearded daredevil had to answer nature’s call and his huge cock needed some love and it needed it right now! He just couldn’t wait to get home so he wanked in the next available public bathroom he could find. And he didn’t just have a quick jerk off, dick out and just like that, no. He got completely naked and also revealed his pierced nipples too… someone is very naughty!

This new video is one of the latest additions that you can find at the Premium section of Sticky. Try this FREE share and you will be hooked for good, Premium members get access to new exclusive content on a daily basis.

Watch the FULL video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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Bel Ami: Joel Birkin


Bel Ami‘s model of the week this week is XXL Joel Birkin. Joel has been a regular on both BelAmiOnline and KinkyAngels now for some while and has become a fan favourite for many people. The Hungarian beauty is probably best known for his starring role in Scandal in the Vatican 2, but has many other scenes online for you to enjoy as well.

See more at Bel Ami.

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Corbin Fisher: Cain Fucks Zeb – Bareback

Corbin Fisher: Cain Fucks Zeb - Bareback

This is what everyone wants to wake up to!

Cain and Zeb are spooned together in the bed. They slowly wake up. Cain’s already got a raging hard-on. Zeb quickly takes advantage of Cain’s morning wood and sucks his massive cock.

Cain has Zeb sit on his face where he rims Zeb good and deep. Zeb sits down on Cain’s dick. He rides it like there’s no tomorrow, grinding back and forth and even side-to-side on Cain.

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