All American Heros: Miles and Logan

all american heroes miles logan

It turns out that the sight of Miles' hot ass is more than Logan can resist, and almost instantly, he finds his tongue between his buddy's butt cheeks. This is clearly the kind of intensive care anyone could go for. It doesn't take long before Logan needs to let his own hot cock loose and get some attention on it to. And Sergeant Miles is eager to oblige. Logan clearly is enjoying Miles' oral talents and grabs the back of Miles' head to help guide him down to the base of his thick cock.

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Amateur College Sex: Kennedy Bangs Jamie

Amateur College Sex: Kennedy Bangs Jamie

Who doesn't want to see more of Kennedy in action?! This young stud looks hot, gets in to it, and makes us all pretty jealous of the partner he's paired with!

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick! Allen King & Axel Brooks

men com allen axel

Allen King
and Axel Brooks are hot in completely different ways, yet perfectly matched in this new scene from Gods Of Men. As they role play, the guys both top and bottom. The action is amazingly intense and passionate.

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Corbin Fisher: Lance Pumps Marc's Hole


Lance seemed to enjoy his first Corbin Fisher guy/guy experience with Harper so much, Corbin Fisher wasted little time getting him paired up with Marc so he could have another go at a guy's hole. Lance was eager for the fun here - he and Marc make out with intensity, and that's a sign of the intensity that carries through this whole episode.

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Is The Fanny Pack Back? Say it isn't so!

leto fanny pack

Actor and Musician Jared Leto is here to tell you that the 80's are alive and well thank you very much! Recently he has been seen wearing the much maligned but oh so functional fanny pack. Our initial thought was no it's covering up Little Leto...followed by say it isn't so. Followed by oh look, American Apparel makes them in leather...

Sean Cody: Caden (2)

Sean Cody: Caden (2)

Caden is one lean mean machine! He hits the gym about six times a week, and it definitely shows from his amazing chest and washboard abs! With his long thick cock and delicious balls, Caden is set to light up that sexual fire within you!

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Man Avenue: Michael Cruz

man avenue michael cruz

This stud gets his testosterone flowing by doing some quick push-ups before stripping down. Before Man Avenue knew what was happening, he was naked and exposing his rather large, uncut cock . His lean hairy legs stretched out on the bed while he was stroking was enough to make me almost cum in my pants.

Michael seemed to love the attention, and was not shy about doing some flexing while his cock was hard at attention.

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College Dudes: Tristan Stiles and Jacob Marthey

college dudes tristan jacob

College can be a very stressful time in a young dude's life. That's why it is important to stay relaxed through whatever means possible. For the anxious yet horny Tristian Stiles, that means a relaxing massage, with a happy ending, from a sexy dude . Enter licensed massage therapist Jacob Marteny, the sexy dude with the magic touch.

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Raging Stallion: Luke Milan, Chris Bines and Kaleb Klark

raging stallion luke chris kaleb

Chris Bines' game of pool is enhanced by by his crack, which peeks out above his waistband every time he bends over to shoot. While Luke Milan decides which balls to target on his next turn, Kaleb Klark walks in, a towel around his waist. He's probably on his way to the hot tub, but Chris grabs the towel and yanks. Kaleb is caught between fright and flight, frozen in his tracks as his family jewels become the cue and balls of Chris and Luke's ongoing game. Chris calls him a 'nice little dish.'

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Guybone: Rheo Tops Owen

guybone rheo owen

Not to put a damper on what we're sure you'll agree is one helluva fucking hot scene, but it looks like this might be Owen Daniels' last. Sexy, hairy, toned, horny as the day is long Owen has retired from porn and gone the way of higher education. We applaud him but will miss the fuck outta him.

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Helix Studios: Stefan Nash and Lukas Grand

helix stefan lukas

Helix Studios' new scene in their "Jock on Twink" series is a real charmer. It's called "Dirty Blonds," and it stars two fresh, cute, Helix boys -- Lukas Grande and Stefan Nash. These two couldn't be more different if they tried. Lukas Grande is a bad-boy top with tattoos and an attitude. The 22-year-old jock measures 6 feet and is 165 pounds of pure hunk. His pretty face is quite a contrast to his hard, athletic body -- making him even more delectable. Stefan Nash is a 19-year-old power-bottom with a smooth, lean swimmers-build. This twink incarnate is 5'11" and weighs only 135 pounds. There is an air of androgyny about Stefan that is absolutely sensual. Together, these two fair-haired, young men will spawn a BLOND-NADO!

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Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

At SneakyPeek the pervy cameraman has caught a group of hot guys stripped down naked in their hostel. His tiny hidden camera secretly catches all of these lads on show. We find it horny how they glance over each others' naked bodies when they think that no-one is looking in their direction. They have no idea they are being filmed!

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