Queer Clicks: April 27, 2017 | Londoners’ Surprisingly Pedestrian Porn Habits, Porn Shock In New BBC Show As Host Asked To Join In, & Other News

Porn Shock In New BBC Show As Host Asked To Join In

“Camera crews even shot footage for the documentary series on the set of an adult movie.

Host Riyadh Khalaf spilled: “I actually got to direct a group sex scene… a gay-ganging. That was eye-opening. There were one or two moments when I thought: ‘So I really want to do this?’

“At one point there was even talk about me actually taking part in the film myself and learning what it means to be a porn star. Looking back now, I’m glad that never happened.” ” Daily Star

Londoners’ Surprisingly Pedestrian Porn Habits

“If you were going to pick the sexiest place in the UK, it would have to be London, right? Imagine the stuff that must go on behind closed doors in our glistening metropolis. The debauched clubs, members-only secret societies, opulent torture chambers – no hedonistic pleasure too outré, no kink too taboo, no depths of filth left uncharted.” GQ

104 Photos Of Bears, Otters, Foxes, And A Few Horny Goats By Cerf Photography

“The models of Cerf Photography are not models. They are simply men, beautiful in their variety and very present in their vulnerability.” Advocate

These Guys Reimagined Classic Romance Scenes With Gay Couples — And It’s PERFECT

“What if five of the schmaltziest romantic films known to man starred two male leads? That’s the gist of this short film by comedy duo A Brit and a Yank, who “became friends through social media and decided their constant back and forth bantering would provide good comedic fodder.” ” Queerty

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Bryan Hawn, And His Gorgeous Butt, Team Up With Reese Rideout For A Smoking Hot New Video!

Bryan Hawn, And His Gorgeous Butt, Team Up With Reese Rideout For A Smoking Hot New Video!

A team-up bigger than the Justice League and The Avengers combined!

Bryan Hawn has brought a new friend, or foe, for his latest parody/workout. It’s none other than Reese Rideout! Our new favorite dynamic duo is not fighting crime or facing an Earth-shattering villain this time they have assembled, according to their own words, to “break the gay internet”.

The hilarious and sexy video, which has a lens flare-free on Bryan’s YT Red channel, transform these two work out fanatics into their favorite super heroes. First a nerdy guy (Rideout) is magically transformed by the power of Captain America’s bubble butt shield into a bulge prone web-crawler. Meanwhile on the other side of the beach Superman and Batman (we so love that they kept Marvel and DC characters separated) bury the hatchet on their differences without having to shout “Martha!”. Unlike their cinematic counterparts they passionately kiss and rub their bodies against each other while they lip sync “Somthing like you” by Chainsmokers. Comic book fans are surely going to love this crossover but we’re liking even more the behind the scenes footage that they shared on Instagram. Hopefully next time we’ll see some shower action between these two!

What do you think of this sexy team-up? Make the jump to see more and join the conversation in the comments!

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William Higgins: Matej Reban

Matej Reban is aged 20. This sexy straight guy has a job, but doesn’t say what it is. He enjoys sports, cycling and swimming. After a lovely interview Matej lays back on the bed, baring his chest. His hands run all over the chest and then one slips into his pants and begins to wank. Pushing the pants down he reveals his stiff cock as he continues to wank. That body looks so sexy too as Matej wanks.

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Amateur College Sex: Xavier Doubles Down

Amateur College Sex: Xavier Doubles Down

Xavier is more than ready to fill coed Bailey. He has some plans in mind and the first includes her on her knees sucking his hard cock. After putting that pretty mouth to work Xavier puts his body to work – though we hardly think he’d describe it as that!

He starts out by having Bailey sit on his fat cock, holding her up by the ass as he drills up into her. After the incredible blowjob she gave him followed by the feeling of her tight, wet hole he just has to pull out to shoot a load – but they’ve just started fucking and he isn’t stopping now!

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Next Door Studios: Roman Todd and Allen Lucas

Fed up with the secretive living arrangement, Allen Lucas is hopping mad and on the verge of spilling the beans. Roman Todd is stuck between a rock and a hard place, as he realizes his father would kill him if he finds out Allen is more than just a roommate, but as he tries to soothe his father’s suspicions in the living room, Allen is yelling to himself in the kitchen. Roman tries to quiet Allen but he’s having none of it, and demands that the only way he won’t tell is if Roman fucks him right now in the kitchen.

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Bel Ami: Rhys Jagger and Rick Lautner

The two guys today have something in common that is not evident from just looking at them. They are both production assistants for Bel Ami, Rick in Prague and Rhys running the Bratislava studio, and today’s scene is filmed in our 3rd main location, Budapest.

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His Pointy Cock Is Ready For Action!

His Pointy Cock Is Ready For Action!

His arrow-shaped cock is aiming at you!

Long and pointy. This lean guy and his dick are about to give you a nice show. The more he strokes that manhood the more we think he must be really good in bed. Do you like cocks like this one?

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Watch the video in its entirety after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Active Duty: Ricardo Trujillo

Active Duty: Ricardo Trujillo

We hope you are ready for an extreme tall glass of Ricardo because we have a sexy Latino standing 6 foot 3 weighing 150lbs and a strong ripe young age of 29. Ricardo is an avid swimmer when he’s not showing off his big thick cock and you can maybe see him running as well since he’s always active and pushing his limits in any way possible. Ricardo has very long sexy legs with beautiful skin to go with it. His physique is amazing because of all the swimming he is constantly doing. He’s a quiet guy with a big thick cock and he loves to stroke it with his two big hands. He may seem nervous but he is far from that. It takes two hands to stroke this shaft pushing all the blood into every vein possible.

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ChaosMen: Matthieu and Sean Peyton – Serviced

ChaosMen: Matthieu and Sean Peyton - Serviced

Matthieu is another model that took some time to think about getting head from another guy.

He was mostly concerned his friends would find out. He mentioned once getting a happy-ending massage from a guy, so he was actually confident about someone blowing him. Bryan figured a massage themed video would make him the most comfortable.

He looks amazing all slicked-up with oil. Sean Peyton is also looking extra furry and extra pumped these days! Yum!

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