Joey Mills of Helix Studios

Joey Mills is one of Helix Studios’ biggest and best stars. This smooth young eighteen year old has everything going for him, and as he is versatile, he loves to fuck and to be fucked. This sweet innocent looking young twink is from St Louis, MO, and as well as starring in 20 hardcore gay porn movies for Helix Studios already, he also works six days a week as a server in a pizza restaurant. The strange thing is, he hates pizza, but as he’s quite the dish himself. People don’t mind him giving them a slice of something in their hungry months. Especially when they see the big hard bulge hiding in his pants as he serves them.

Joey is cute beyond belief, and he is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is gay with a seven-inch dick, a nice set of balls, and one hell of a fuckable ass.Joey Mills first hardcore gay porn vid with Helix Studios was released back on July 19th, 2016. It also starred Justin Owen, and was titled ‘Drilling Joey Mills’. Resident, jock, Justin Owen, is the lucky guy who gets to break Joey in on screen, and this hot and horny gay porn movie will leave you wanting to see more and more of Joey. It is full of ass rimming, masturbation, jerking off, kissing, big dicks, and of course, amazing ass fucking, cock sucking, and plenty of hot cum. Just seeing Joey opening up his legs and showing us, his smooth tight asshole is enough to make a guy jerk off. Justin goes in with his probing tongue, and gets Joey’s ass all wet and primed ready for his cock. As he aims his rock-hard dick right on that dripping wet hole, the camera zooms in, and we see that dick slide in easily, inch by beautiful inch.

His other gay teen titles include Barefoot Boys, Lifeguards Teaser, Magic Mouth, and an amazing cum drenched orgy called ‘Lifeguards, Party Wave.’ This is a 6-man orgy full of beautiful young twinks all on heat, and Joey ends up getting his ass getting gangbanged by two huge cocks at the same time.

Joey Mills in the best thing sliced bread, and I for one would love him to be in the middle of my sandwich. As well as being a popular young Pornstar, he hasn’t let it go to his head, and he remains a sweet and charming young man. You can also watch a YouTube video of him on the internet where he gets his leg tattooed.

There are a few free gay twink sites around where you can see clips of Joey getting his ass fucked hard, but if you go to Gay Twink Tube , you could can preview all his Helix Studios movies before you buy a membership..

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer

Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones. Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and makes the moves on Jake. They make out and grind pelvis on pelvis through the cotton fabric of their tighty whities when Ryan Rose casually walks in and joins the action. Ryan sits down and immediately becomes the focus of the other two hunks.

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Raging Stallion: Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Spreadums

Topher DiMaggio is horsing around in the clear, blue pool with Jeremy Spreadums. Topher reaches around and pulls down the back of Jeremy’s rainbow swimsuit, fingering his tight hole. Jeremy goes underwater, pulls down Topher’s bathing suit, and gives an underwater blowjob. Coming up for air, Jeremy makes out with Topher while stroking Topher’s hard cock. Exiting the pool, they move to a shady spot in the grass.

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Beefy Hunk Tears His Shirt Open To Reveal His Hairy Chest!

Beefy Hunk Tears His Shirt Open To Reveal His Hairy Chest!


He didn’t turn green but he definitely hulked out of that shirt. When you have so much testosterone like him you can’t help but doing this kind of stuff. The action didn’t stop in ripping apart items of clothing. He also stroked his cock like a pro!

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Active Duty: Mathias & Richard Buldger

Active Duty: Mathias & Richard Buldger

They both start off quick by taking turns sucking each other’s hard eager cocks. Mathias has a sexy hard and very veiny dick that looks like it’s ready to explode at any moment. Once their dicks have had enough mouth Mathias mounts up and does what he does best. Mathias begins to push his big dick into Richard‘s tight round ass balls deep and once he does that’s when his rhythm starts. With each thrust into Richard you can see all the muscles on Mathias explode with clarity. Don’t let his beautiful ripped abs distract you from the pounding that Richard is enjoying so much.

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Kristen Bjorn: Titan Tex and Marc Ferrer

Kristen Bjorn: Titan Tex and Marc Ferrer

Titan Tex returns home from a night at the clubs with his fuck buddy Marc Ferrer. Titan knows that Marc loves to service his monster cock and tonight he is in the mood for some deep servicing. Marc immediately drops to his knees and with unerring expertise he forces Titan’s massive cock down his throat. Marc works Titan’s huge cock with an unending energy and desire to go deeper as he begins fucking his own throat with Titan’s “chocolate flavour”. Titan moves into position to suck on Marc’s rock-solid cock, but knows that he has to calculate his cock sucking so as to not have Marc explode his load too soon. Working his tongue up and down Marc’s cock shaft and then to his foreskin titillates Marc and brings him to a level of pleasure that his balls have drawn up tight and are now cocked and ready to shoot. Titan can sense the pleasure and urgency arising in Marc and knows that he has crossed that line of no return and brings Marc to full fruition as he unleashes his thick creamy load all over Titans heaving, muscular chest. Titan strokes Marc’s throbbing cock as he shoots his load, then leans in and sucks his cock clean of all the cum.

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Queer Clicks: June 24, 2017 | A Penis On Every Page: The Rise And Fall Of Playgirl, How ‘Gay’ Should a Gay Bar Be?, & Other News

A Penis On Every Page: The Rise And Fall Of Playgirl

“Douglas Lambert wanted to give Playboy a run for its money. It was 1971, and Hugh Hefner’s magazine had created a new mainstream market for soft-core porn. Lambert, a nightclub owner in Garden Grove, California, decided to get in on the action.” Esquire

Emily Berl for The New York Times

How ‘Gay’ Should A Gay Bar Be?

The website for the Abbey touts its role as a two-time winner of Logo’s “Best Gay Bar in the World” award. But how gay is it? Some of the regulars believe the increasing number of straight people who go there has diluted its reason for being.

The Gay Transformer

“Portugese filmmaker Joao Pedro Rodrigues always struggles with his gayness, usually in films filled with mysterious, macabre events. His best known movie, O Fantasma (2000) has been revered in some circles but it could also, reasonably, be reviled. Rodrigues works toward both responses—even in a berserk, mournful romance like Two Drifters (2009) which was titled after a line from “Moon River,” the 1960s pop tune that has become an anthem for fretful yet poignant gay longing.” Out

Apple Watch Pride Edition Band Launched, Sales Will Support LGBT Groups

“Apple launched a special Pride Edition Apple Watch band Thursday, with a part of its sales to go to LGBT support groups. The nylon band will come in two sizes — 38mm and 42mm, and cost $49 each.” Towleroad

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

The line-up in this new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week will leave your head spinning!

It’s bring your huge cock at work day at GWiP! With no exceptions these ten iPhone-loving gentlemen are extremely blessed in the cock department. Yes, they are ALL handsome and gorgeous as hell but there’ no way around that other fact. So much meat on display is bound to make your mouth drool in excitement. We have no idea who’s going to be the ultimate favorite among our readers these week. Such a tight race is going to require a very delicate selection process and we’re sure our QC readers are more than happy to inspect up close our GWiP’ers to evaluate every detail of their damn fine anatomies!

Make the jump to let the male beauty invade your senses. Rank your favorites in your own order and share your picks in the comments!

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