Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has a new video featuring a lad with one of the hottest six packs we've ever seen. He takes pleasure in showing off and gets so excited he strips down and jerks himself off!

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Cockyboys: Duncan Black and Seth Santoro

cockyboys seth duncan

Duncan Black has been wanting to introduce us to his buddy Seth Santoro for a while now but it wasn't until last weekend that we finally had the honor to welcome Mr. Santoro - Cockyboys style. Resident power bottom Duncan could not be more excited about this one. As he said, "There aren't many asses that I like to put my face into, but that is one of them!"

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Super Hot 10

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The Guy Site: Zac Masterson


Zac is one big hairy bear. In Fact, we're pretty sure he's one of the hairiest men The Guy Site has ever featured! His dick is pierced and he didn't wear his piercing so he gives one of the more unusual cum shots on The Guy Site...well worth seeing!!

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Bel Ami: Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger

Beat The Heat With BelAmi
Bel Ami: Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger

This is absolutely an erotic and muscular spread of Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger together. Kris and Rhys have such amazing chemistry that will burn the screen! We are loving all the delicious muscular meat on both Kris and Evan.

Two incredibly handsome young studs who are obviously turned on by each other. Beautiful hairy jock legs, bubbly butts and mesmerizing thick hard cocks. So much sexual energy. #nosebleed

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Corbin Fisher: Lance (3)

Corbin Fisher: Lance (3)

Lance admits that he's a bit shy at first, but once he gets comfortable he's able to really get in to things and open up. Lance is eager to share with us his love for working out and lifting weights, his hot body, and a look at him in a hot stroke session!

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Hard Brit Lads: Sam Porter

hard brit lads sam

He may look like actor Jason Statham, but he's probably better hung for sure. We're talking a whopping 9 inches of uncut, Grade-A man-meat! His name is Sam Porter and he stars in Hard Brit Lads' new scene. It begins with a brief interview, where Sam chitchats about the type of blokes he's into and the secrets to his great bod. With his sexy, deep voice and his Northern accent (much like Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor), this shaved-headed muscle guy will instantly charm you. Especially when he gets naked!

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Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

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Hot House: Johnny Torque and Anthony Romero

hot house johnny anthony

Johnny Torque and Anthony Romero are both visions in a pool of sparkling water on a hot day. They are taking an afternoon swim which leads to some heavy making out under a stream of water that feeds the pool. Their ferocious kissing gets the water boiling hot and Anthony wraps his legs around Johnny's waist. After their make out swim, they lay out in the sun for a bit, but soon they're both naked getting ready to continue where they left off in the pool.

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Helix Studios: Damien Wolf and Dustin Black

helix dustin damien

Ferris Bueller never had a day off like this one, that's for sure. Enticing twink Damien Wolf is a naughty and mischievous lad. He feigns a cough to fool his dumb dad into letting him stay home for another sick day. But the only sickness he has is a severe case of horniness. And his best bud Dustin Gold seems to be the cure. Dustin climbs in through Damien's bedroom window right on cue and takes care of all his friend's needs. And he does it bareback.

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Lucas Entertainment: Addison Graham and Taye Knight

Lucas Entertainment: Addison Graham and Taye Knight

And gives his ass he does. But first Addison Graham gives Taye Knight some soft and tender attention after they undress and hop into bed with one another. Addison drapes his milky white limbs around Taye's muscular mocha body and lays small kisses on his face and chest. The huge raging hard-on Taye has between his legs is beyond enticing, and Addison find it difficult to keep his hands off. But honestly, why should he? Addison Graham proves his fellatio skills as he artfully wraps his lips around Taye's meat and sucks it. Afterwards the white boy takes a seat on Taye's raw cock and goes for a bareback ride, and they finish missionary so Addison can shoot his load for his black lover!

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William Higgins: Tom Vojak

william higgins tom vojak

Tom Vojak is aged 22 and lives in Prague. He works as a bartender and in his spare time enjoys sports, ice-hockey and boxing. What a great looking guy Tom is, and he looks so good as he bares his chest, showing off that hot covering of hair. He poses to let us enjoy that hot body before removing his jeans and posing some more, in just his boxers. He turns, lowering the shorts, to show off his sexy ass. Then it is off with the underwear and Tom turns back, revealing his soft dick, resting on his balls. He looks so good as he stands, naked, for the camera.

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Disney Dicks - The Princely Penises Of The Magic Kingdom


If you've ever seen a Disney movie, you've probably thought about riding away with one of the handsome princes at the end. Just imagine taking him into the castle's royal bedroom, stripping him down to his princely skivvies and perhaps joining in as he "sows his royal oats" with other Disney sex-pots.

Until now, we've had to imagine what these princes look like naked, but thanks to the ladies at Jezebel we can get a good, long look at the meaty scepters hanging between these princes' thighs.

Join us for a lusty walk around the Magic Kingdom as these animated Adonises bare their royal jewels!

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