Dennis West and Jacob Peterson

Jacob Peterson is making bank! This time around he has Dennis West to fool around with.

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Helix Studios: Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Joey Mills, Wes Campbell and Corbin Colby

Raw. Instinctual. Primal. Pheromones, the smell of a beautiful boy can be the most enticing thing on the planet. Five spellbindingly beautiful boys are in a dream house and when the temperature rises so do desires. Nature takes over. Traveling through different rooms and carnal desires, discovering their wants and needs by breathing one another deep inside with Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Joey Mills, Wes Campbell and Corbin Colby.

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Fishing Buds Get Hooked On Each Other’s Cocks!

Fishing Buds Get Hooked On Each Other's Cocks!

This is a fishing trip neither of them will never forget!

They seemed completely uninterested in catching some fish. But they certainly rocked that boat once the cocks were out! The super hot shared wank made a turn for the best but one of them couldn’t contain himself. He simply had to reach over to start sucking that succulent member. Now that’s the catch of the day!

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Watch this session in its entirety after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Cocksure Men: Tomas Decastro Barebacks Erik Spector

Cocksure Men: Tomas Decastro Barebacks Erik Spector

Mega hunks Tomas Decastro and Erik Spector have finished working out their big muscles at the gym and head into the showers. They eye each other and both guys pop a boner. How embarrassing! The only thing to do is to work through your embarrassment by grabbing the other guy’s meat. That worked. Erik sucks Tomas then Tomas sucks Erik. Tomas lays on the shower floor and primes Erik’s ass by rimming it, getting it lubed up with his spit. Erik sits on Tomas’s raw cock and goes for a bareback ride, then swivels around and faces out still riding the raw cock.

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ChaosMen: Dakota Payne and Wright Flip Fuck – Bareback

ChaosMen: Dakota Payne and Wright Flip Fuck - Bareback

Wright said he was down to get fucked, but he was really unsure about succeeding. He has had girlfriends play with is ass, but it was small time stuff, and was worried going big would be too much.

This is Dakota Payne‘s first full-scene with ChaosMen, and he is really a Power Bottom. BUT, he has also shown he is a pretty good Dom Top in his Serviced video with Kodi.

When Wright sucked Dakota’s cock, which he claimed was his first time, a switch was thrown, and he became relaxed and totally in the moment.

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Queer Clicks: March 24, 2017 | Hilarious Side Of Gay Porn, Would You Drink This Gay Beer?, & Other News

Hilarious Side Of Gay Porn

“Porn is notorious not for the graphic sex, but for the models’ lack of acting chops. Viewers have often cringed as the “actors” attempt dramatic readings of clunky dialogue during inane set-ups that segue into sex scenes, which are what the viewers came for. The sex may be hot, but the “plots” of these films are usually absurd at best.

In Popporn, brought to us by gay actor-director Charles David in conjunction with his production company Border2Border, comedians, gay, straight, male and female, watch clips from gay porn flicks and offer their own tongue-in-cheek commentary about what they see. The results are often sidesplitting.” Bay Area Reporter

Would You Drink This Gay Beer?

“Behind the admittedly hilarious surface of this new video form Drew Droege and Louis Virtel is a weirdly real phenomenon: At what point is something so bad that it’s actually good?

Mel Brooks tackled the question in The Producers, John Waters has built a career out of it, and does anyone remember David Bowie’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth? Watch that and try to tell us it’s good. You can’t; it’s not. But it’s also somehow amazing and perfect. ” Queerty

Jack Photographed By Scallywag Fox

Photographer: Scallywag Fox

” East London photographer has shared this new black and white photo set of stunning model Jack” Accidental Bear

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Sean Pratt, MTV Reality TV Star, Shares His Cakes On The Beach!

Sean Pratt, MTV Reality TV Star, Shares His Cakes On The Beach!

Beach sand gets in every crack!

Sean Pratt the breakthrough star of MTV’s reality TV show “Ex On The Beach” recently revealed that he had sex on a busy roundabout in the middle of the day. Adventurous, we can relate to that!

“Most surprising thing about me is people look at me and judge me for being arrogant, an asshole, tanned, tattooed go to the gym, proper up myself, people realise when they get to know me that I have got a decent personality.” Sean Pratt

That adventurous spirit of his was shown once again during a trip to the beach. Sean didn’t hesitate for a second when asked about removing his red trunks. The inked Coventry native who has no experience with television before EOTB lists the position of “naked butler” in his resume. If his tattoos are not your cup of tea don’t worry his GORGEOUS bubble butt remains ink-free!

Make the jump to see more of MTV reality TV star Sean Pratt. What do you think of his rear end? Join the conversation in the comments and voice your opinion!

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Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist and Will Banks

Baby, it’s cold out there – as the song goes – and the forests of Czechia are a splendid winter wonderland, but that doesn’t stop young Bjorn Nykvist from feeling as horny as fuck. Actually, there’s pretty much nothing that stops this sex-crazed from getting the horn; and on this occasion he’s ensconced himself in front of a roasting fire to enjoy a sensuous (and no doubt much deserved) wank. His plans quickly so awry, however, when new boy Will Banks appears on the scene – a deliciously fuzzy-chested brunet.

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