Cockyboys: Rafael Alencar and Pierre Fitch

cockyboys rafael pierre

Rafael Alencar
and Pierre Fitch are two names that need no introduction in the porn world. They're both known for pushing the limits and creating scenes that re-define the standards of the adult movies and what we're about to see on Cockyboys today is again a serious game changer. Trust me when we say - you have never seen anything like this before. Rafael brings out a side in Pierre that none of us knew it even existed. Pierre's moans will change the way you look at him and you will wonder "Where has this power bottom been hiding all this time??"

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Corbin Fisher: Rhett Fucks Brayden

Corbin Fisher: Rhett Fucks Brayden

We are seeing Rhett in some action with a guy! With his Southern twang, flawless body, and handsome face, we definitely hoped to see this more action of Rhett since he first arrived at Corbin Fisher!

Brayden immediately gets Rhett at ease, makes things fun for him, and even gets Rhett eager for what's to come with his obvious enthusiasm. As Brayden sets to work stripping Rhett down and playing with his toes, Rhett just gets hornier and hornier until he can't wait to get his cock buried in another guy's hole.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Sean Cody: Dean and Jack Bareback

Sean Cody: Dean and Jack Bareback

It just blazing hot "Bromance" here from Dean and Jack. With all the rimming, sucking, fucking and moaning going on here, it is just hard not to pleasure yourself together with the chaps as they fire off their white protein!

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Legend Men: Scott Strode

legend men scott strode

Scott Strode is the newest update at Legend Men and he's a stunner!

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Raging Stallion Landon Conrad and Ricky Decker

raging stallion landon ricky

Being last to leave the breakfast table pays off for Ricky Decker. When Landon Conrad comes in, looking for something good to eat, he finds Ricky's tan, muscular buns perfect. With a squeeze and a slap, Landon yanks Ricky's sweatpants down and drives his tongue into the hole. Ricky rocks like he's about to scud across the table, if it weren't for Landon's firm grasp on his balls. Ricky's already had his breakfast, but he's happy to choke down a bonus serving of hard cock sausage.

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New Talent at Gayhoopla

gayhoopla new talent

Some of the newest GayHoopla Talent. Only the best motherfuckers !!!
Yes, Nathan was driving to set with his shirt off... Obvious superhero belt buckle tan line.

Men Over 30: Diesel Washington and Sean Duran

men over 30 diesel sean

Sean is staying at a luxury hotel for his first vacation in a very long time. It's all about relaxing for him and only paying attention to himself and leaving the outside world behind. He's sitting on his couch rubbing on his cock watching some porn and just when he's about to pull out his cock the doorbell rings. In comes Diesel who is hired to change the sheets and bedding plus any other special accommodations.

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men com colby jake

Romantic lovers spend the afternoon in Central Park. Jake Wilder pencils some sketches of the affair and the guys head home to get into some hardcore action. After some steamy ass rimming, Colby Keller uses his huge dick to fuck Jake's glorious bubble butt!

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Bentley Race: Shane Phillips

bentley race shane

All the way from Canada, via Australia, comes this sexy muscle-bound stud with long, blond hair and a rock-hard cock. His name is Shane Phillips. "I love Shane's chunky build and I'd love to bury my face in that blond bush," said the photographer after this shoot. You too will want to bury your head in his blond bush as you watch the sexy 25-year-old strip down to his jockstrap for some photos. Then he begins to stroke his Canadian sausage after watching some porn on a laptop.

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Helix Studios: Adrian Rivers and Luke Allen

helix adrian luke

After a late night of dancing and living "la vida loca," hot twinks Adrian Rivers and Luke Allen are driving home. Adrian is a "muy caliente" Latino chico. Luke, on the other hand, is a cute, all-American boy. Adrian invites his adorable amigo to stay over at his house, instead of driving home all the way across town. The boys are exhausted after partying all night, so Luke accepts his friend's kind offer without knowing Adrian's house rule: all twink guests have to share Adrian's cozy bed with him, instead of sleeping on the sofa. Once home, the boys quickly strip to their colorful underpants and go right to sleep (despite a really loud bird chirping outside their window).

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ChaosMen: Baker - Edge

ChaosMen: Baker - Edge

Baker took a new fancy job, a 9-5 job. He sure didn't conform to the standard work day and daily grind, so quit after a short time, and found a local minimum wage job...which was not covering his bills.

So he was hitting Bryan up for more work, and he figured they could do an Edge video together.

Turns out he doesn't have a lot of limits, and they had a lot of fun!

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Broke Straight Boys: Ryan Fields and Tyler White

broke straight boys tyler ryan

Ryan Fields never had a cock up his ass before. He was really nervous about it too. But the rent was due in a few days and his girlfriend would have killed him if they got evicted again. So Ryan said yes to getting his cherry popped on video. He was ready to bolt out the door before the camera started rolling. Then he saw the hunk who was going to deflower him. None other than pretty-boy Tyler White. Tyler is a walking paradox: he has a masculine tattooed body, yet the beautifully androgynous face of an angel. The petrified look on Ryan's face quickly dissipated as Tyler started tongue-kissing him. This wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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