ChaosMen: Pax Fucks Wren – Bareback

ChaosMen: Pax Fucks Wren - Bareback

ChaosMen finally did it! Pax sucked cock! It really wasn’t a major undertaking, but he was worried that he might gag, or worse, do a bad job.

He does just fine. You can clearly see he is not used to it, despite having had interaction with a guy on his own time. You might remember they were very lopsided encounters with a twink, who he would fuck and get blown by.

Wren sucks Pax next, and you can tell he is a bit surprised at how big Pax is. Though he wasn’t intimidated. He has been with some pretty big guys before after all.

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Broke Straight Boys: Colt Dixon

broke-straight boys colt

Colt Dixon is a dancer from Florida who’s come to Broke Straight Boys to show us what he’s got! This bi ex-military stud is built solid with a cock to match, tattoos complete his look as he drops his clothes and climbs confidently onto the bed. He spreads out, taking up the whole bed as he strokes his dick until it’s hard and erect, massaging his balls a little as he masturbates for the camera.

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Dirty Tony: Alessio Romero Nails Miles

Dirty Tony: Alessio Romero Nails Miles

Miles has been looking forward to a good rub down for a while. So when Alessio Romero jumps on and starts kneading his back, Miles is all about it. Alessio’s big man hands dig deep into Miles’ sore back and shoulders, working them like dough. Slowly he works his way down to the small of Miles’ back before he pulls his underpants off to get better access.

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Flirt4Free And Fratmen Livestream From 2015 Phoenix Forum

Flirt4Free And Fratmen Livestream From 2015 Phoenix Forum

After last year’s incredible party, Flirt4Free and are teaming up again for a very special event to close out the Phoenix Forum. A swanky penthouse party full of hot models and you are invited! The Fratpad Penthouse where the party will be held is an unbelievable 8,000 square feet spread with another 2,000 square feet of surrounding 360 degree patio and infinity pool.The big and horny get-together will be livestreamed on the night of the 27th starting around midnight PST. And in case you miss the live feed, it will also be available as VOD content later. Make the jump for the liveplayer here and don’t miss this very special event!

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