Johhny Hazzard and Bennett Anthony

mencom bennett johnny

The Prospect saves Paddy O'Brian's life twice but is then taken captive by The Jackals. Do they save The Prospect or do they sort their deal with the Irish? Paddy wants to focus on the Irish but Johnny Hazzard is convinced they need to stick together and accuses Paddy of breaking up the group and making bad decisions. Johnny tells Bennett Anthony that he is counting on his vote to go get the Prospect back. Johnny seduces Bennett and the two have passionate sex, making Bennett agree to support him. Then the team vote against Paddy and they go to get The Prospect back.

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Sketchysex: Big Dicks, Big Loads

Sketchysex: Big Dicks, Big Loads

Sketchysex guys are only interested in two things: Big loads and big dicks! So if you want to fuck them you either have to have one of those requirements or you should get the hell out of there!

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Maverick Men: Anthony

Maverick Men: Guido

A Guido's virgin cherry is about to pop! Maverick Men did it again, they managed to find one hot as hell handsome closet-case virgin guido and they fucked his brains out leaving his ass pounded out for the first very time. Anthony was trained in every aspect of dude fucking, from how to be ass-ready, how to kiss a man, and how to bottom and he excelled in every aspect! His smooth, muscle body, handsome face and deep voice are gonna drive you crazy. And when you see this straight boy taking dicks like a champ, you are either want to fuck him or be fucked like he was!

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Guybone: Scotland Tops Jay

guybone scotland jay

Oh, yeah! This is it, fellas! Looking to get an instant boner? Look no further. From the cute and nervous first moments of Scotland and Jay fumbling with each others clothes and getting acquainted to their own styles of kissing, to Scotland almost cumming after a minute of Jay's phenomenal dick sucking skills, this is one for some great wanking!

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Queerclick's The XMas Countdown - Day 08: DenMen


The holiday season is bringing something new, is the largest collection of amateur submitted hairy, fury, otter, bear and cub videos and today's exclusive gift of Queerclick's The XMas Countdown is practically two presents in one! Since DenMen is so new this is their Special Launch Offer, you'll have a 30% Off (19.95 instead of 24.95) AND a buy 1 month get 1 free!!! What are you waiting for? Use this link or click on the image above to start your own hairy Xmas party!

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Hot House: Sean Duran and Luke Adams

hothouse sean luke

A playful round of punches in the cage between Sean Duran and Luke Adams turns into a battle for topping rights! Luke is no match for Sean's powerful, muscled body, and he submits to Sean's sexual desires. Kneeling in defeat, Luke gets to servicing Sean's hefty cock. Sean pulls off Luke's boxing shorts and overwhelms Luke with oral pleasure. Sean can't keep his hands off Luke's asshole either, using spit from the blowjob as lube.

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Colt Studio: Sean Lawrence

colt studio sean lawrence

Colt Studio wrote the book on what a muscle daddy can, and SHOULD look like. Sean Lawrence is the newest entry in their dicktionary of pure masculinity.

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Guys In Sweatpants: Eric and Sean

guys in sweatpants sean eric

After spending the entire day and night before together, these two were more than ready to tear into each other. Eric may look like a clean-shaven pretty boy, but he's kinky and aggressive in the bed! While slamming Sean's ass, he did everything from choke him, to holding his face in the pillow while he fucked from on top of him. Sean certainly wasn't complaining though! Talk about an intense and passionate fucking... followed by a hot and steamy shower.

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TitanMen: Nick Prescott and Adam Herst

titanmen adam nick

On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick Prescott and Adam Herst find an empty house--and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nick's rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partner's head down on his dick, Adam's own monster throbbing below.

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All American Heroes: Connor

All American Heroes: Connor

Following his time in the Navy, Connor decided to continue working as Medical Tech where he had the chance to save the life of one of his patients. But Connor also likes to show off in front of a camera and show what else his healing hands are capable of! Not only his hands are extraordinary, he has some major meat inside his pants. There's a monster cock in those jeans about the get loose. His ginger skin and toned body look even hotter than before as he strokes his cock with one hand and with the other explores the rest of his body. As he gets closer and closer to his ass crack you will be able to see his low hanging cum filled ball sack, Connor proceeds to fingers his prostate with one leg in the air as a warm-up for the main course, a thick dildo in his hungry hole that he will ram it deeper and deeper to climax until a major load lands all over his abs, covering him in thick coat of creamy glaze.

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QC Arts: Can A Cock Produce Art? The Case Of The Portrait Of Kim Kardashian's Butt Painted With A Penis

QC Arts: Can A Cock Produce Art?

They say that it's not the size of the brush, but the quality of the painting what matters. But since this is a porn blog and cocks are our thing, we put our "Arts Critic" hats and turned this post into a small gallery to review a new trend in the Art world. These are not the usual "cock artists" you are accustomed to see on QC. First, we have 44-year-old Danish performance artist Uwe Max Jensen, who made a portrait of Kim Kardashian's butt using nothing but acrylic paint and his penis, you could say that he used a prominent figure of pop culture to get some attention, but let's face it, Kim's kinda this generation Mona Lisa and instead of hypnotizing us with an enigmatic smile she has a mesmerizing butt. It's nothing but sort of amazing that, with his penis as a brush, he completed some very delicate details. Let's hope for his next painting he turns his attention to Fratpad's Maddox's own take on the infamous Kardashian portrait.

Jensen's work reminded us of another colleague of his, Aussie painter Thomas Mailaender, aka "Pricasso" who, with a similar technique, rapidly creates portraits with some frantic movements splashing paint over the canvas by directing his cock in the direction he desires to capture the likeness of a person.

We ask you art-sensitive QC reader, is this real art? Are these two artists a real deal or just some exhibitionists with access to paint and no shame to show their cocks? Can a cock produce art?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. More after the jump!

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Active Duty: Max

Active Duty: Max

It's always a good sign of a willing rookie when you see that he has already unzipped his pants and his cock is peaking out. Max is one of those rookies, and let this be your warning, you are going to fall in love with this 6" 1' tall lean guy from Sacramento. He has thick, beautiful eyebrows, pretty eyes and as he peels off his pants you will be introduced to his beautiful hairy thighs that lead to a magnificent cock that he will make cum, ending with giant load for you!

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