TitanMen: Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele Flip Fuck – Break a Sweat

TitanMen: Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele Flip Fuck - Break a Sweat

Running in the park in their red shorts, Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele cruise each other, quickly heading somewhere private. They take a dip in the pool, their hairy pecs rubbing against each other as they kiss. They continue to lock lips in the bedroom, their boners jutting up in the air. Hunter props up his big cock, showing it off as Dallas engulfs it. He sucks the tattooed stud back, opening wide to take in its thick base. They kiss, Dallas staring at the action in a mirror as he guides Hunter down again.

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Bateworld: An Online Community Dedicated to Masturbation


If you are like us you probably spend a little too much time rocking out with your cock out. So we were pleasantly surprised to find Bateworld, an online community devoted exclusively to masturbation.

We created a profile and we were in, the board was active and we entered a chat about edging. Fun stuff! There were lots of images to browse and there was a comprehensive selection about all manner of masturbatory delights; there were toys and sleeves, edging, big balls, big dicks and even a commando construction worker!

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CollegeDudes: Juniee Andrews Fucks Dylan Slate


CollegeDudes Juniee Andrews and Dylan Slate are already half naked, and with their lips pressed together in passionate kisses, their hands start to wander all over each other’s body, eventually coming to rest on those hard cocks hidden in their pants. Juniee breaks Dylan’s fat dick free and takes it in his mouth, getting it slick with spit as he sucks on that sweet cock.

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Falcon Studios: Addison Graham and Gabriel Cross


Dark-haired dreamboat Addison Graham and gymnast-bodied muscle-boy Gabriel Cross perch knee-to-knee and nipple-to-nipple on a bench in the locker room, making out. Gabriel’s smooth, pale body is quivering with excitement. Hands and mouths explore each other’s sexually eager young bodies. When the lure of Addison’s cock becomes too tempting to resist, Gabriel grabs it and puts it in his mouth. They swivel into a sixty-nine position.

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Men.com: Jack Radley and Dennis West


Jack Radley isn’t exactly a morning person, that is until his stepdad, Dennis West, shows him just how great mornings can be. Dennis enters Jack’s room and starts to blow his big cock. When Jack’s friend comes over to pick up Jack, there is no stopping the amazing feeling Jack is having with his stepdad’s horse hung cock. Jack takes Dennis’ cock balls deep as he has conversations with his friend on the other side of the door.

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CMNM.net – Officers Conduct Cock and Ass Inspections

CMNM.net - Officers Conduct Cock and Ass Inspections

In the new video at CMNM.net, little did David McGuire know that when he spent all those hours at the gym pumping up his body he was only increasing the value these officers can reclaim by seizing and stripping him. Equally, the startled and clueless cleaner had no idea his virgin anus would be prodded and fingered today to pay back the business’ debt.

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ChaosMen: West Fucks Aubrey – Bareback

ChaosMen: West Fucks Aubrey - Bareback

When Aubrey and West indicated that they wanted to do porn, they originally were down for mixing things up. But after talking, they decided they just wanted to do a full sex video together. Oral videos would be fine, but for now, just the two of them having sex together.

Bryan thought it would be nice to get real boyfriends in, as often times there is a lot more chemistry and passion.

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QueerClick Has Been Nominated For The 16th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards!

QueerClick Has Been Nominated For The 16th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards!

As we’re about to make this announcement we’re filled with joy. We’re happy to announce that QueerClick has been nominated for The 16th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards in the “Best Porn Review Site” category!!! First and foremost we’d like to thank the guys at Cybersocket Inc. for once again including us among such a talented and horny crowd and second to our beloved readers for keep visiting us and being part of our community. The nomination couldn’t be more timely as just a few days ago QC turned 11! You guys know that in porn years to celebrate such number is beyond amazing and we couldn’t have done it without the help of past and present members of the team. QueerClick has previously won the Cybersocket Award in the Best Gay Porn Blog (Surfer’s Choice) category but this time is different so we we’re going to need all the help we can get to win it!

If you love QC you already know what you have to do, vote for us! Remember to search for QueerClick on the “Best Porn Review Site” category on the aforementioned link and give us your support, we’re counting on you! We promise to keep being awesome and continue our hard work every day to bring you the best of the gay porn industry and news related stories that you love. Together we can bring this baby home again!

QC Team.

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Split Identity: Who Do You Prefer? NextDoorMale’s Marcus Mojo Vs Men.com’s Landon Mycles

Split Identity: Who Do You Prefer? NextDoorMale's Landon Mycles Vs Men.com's Marcus Mojo

You knew this one was coming! Probably one of the biggest gay porn stars in recent years Marcus Mojo has returned to his old alias of Landon Mycles in an attempt to make a comeback in the studio system. He seems to have changed racing teams and went from powerhouse Next Door Male to giant Men.com. The adorable bedroom blue eyes that made us fall in love with him are still there, the perfect looking cock too and don’t forget about his legendary ass! But time changes people and Landon is no exception, his physique is showing a different constitution, there’s no doubt about that. Gone is the extra ripped blond we used to know and we welcome this somewhat slightly 2015 beefier version of him with a open arms and cocks hard of course. But this is not about our tastes, we want to know which version is the favourite among QC readers that’s why we have put together this special poll to celebrate his old classics and his naked return to our screens. So tell us, who do you prefer, Landon or Marcus? Don’t forget to vote on the poll and tell your impressions in the comments!

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