Straight Off Base: Nathan

Straight off base, Private First Class Nathan, is a lanky 18 year old Marine stud who stands at 6’3″ and weighs in at 175 lbs. He drops by the Major’s quarters to bust his nut and pick up some extra cash to pay off his first speeding ticket. PFC Nathan participated in track and cross-country running during his high school years and packs a very impressive 8 thick inches of young Marine meat.

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Falcon Studios: Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Taurus

The pressure is high to get the job done on time, so Gabriel Taurus saves time by taking a piss in a bucket. Tegan Zayne comes over to lend a helping hand. Gabriel’s overalls fall to his knees as he and Tegan make out. Gabriel slides his tongue between Tegan’s hairy ass cheeks, then probes the hole with his thumb. Sinking to his knees, Tegan sucks Gabriel’s cock until saliva drips off his chin. Tegan bends over for Gabriel to take control.

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26 Feb 17 By Dave 4 Comments Diego Sans and Dorian Ferro

Diego Sans uses Dorian Ferro’s ass as his own epicenter of pleasure. His dick disappears deep into that hot hairy hole, massaging Dorian’s prostate with his relentless pounding.

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Persian Guy Shows Off His Big Pole!

Persian Guy Shows Off His Big Pole!

You need to watch this video and pause it at the right time to appreciate the size of that beauty!

A hot Persian guy is the start of this FREEBIE that comes directly from the Premium section of Sticky. His dark fat cock will leave you drooling and thirsty to try its product. He’s obviously so proud of his cock. Just a few strokes in are you’ll be in love with this guy!

Sticky Premium is THE place you have to be. Secret boards, Sticky time bombs and the hottest guys on the web are waiting for you. Regular readers enjoy a huge catalog that is constantly updated but Premium users get immediate access to even more and exclusive content. Get your membership today and be part of our inner circle!

Make the jump to watch this video in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Craig Cameron

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Craig Cameron

This time Active Duty has 2 of their favourite veterans hooking up for the first time. Yes, this is a little bit of a rewind to Craig‘s VERY first time hooking up with another dude! At this point, Craig had only jerked his cock for us. Craig is lucky here to get matched up with our unofficial squad captain, Quentin Gainz. After they take their clothes off, Quentin asks Craig, “you wanna try and suck this dick?” You can just see that doe-eyed look on Craig’s face as he says, “yeah, sure.” What a sweet introduction to having firm meat in his mouth. Craig gets on all fours and sucks down on Quentin’s swollen cock. After getting a nice taste, Craig takes a break so he can watch Quentin’s example. Quentin lays on his side and services Craig for a while, playing with his own dick while he sucks. Once Craig gets a good look at how it’s done properly, he jumps back into the cockpit and stuffs Quentin’s hard cock in his mouth again. The guys let their guards down a little more and the two get into a 69 position. What a trooper Craig is here!

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MenAtPlay: Flip – Dato Foland and Frank Valencia

MenAtPlay: Flip - Dato Foland and Frank Valencia

It’s not called MenAtPlay for nothing. But by ‘Play’ they don’t mean a bunch of tedious business men at a dreary office party getting slowly hammered, stuck in awkward conversations. No, in their offices ‘play’ is when the hottest guys slip away from the office party to a private room and hook up for a quick Man-Fuck. Dato, in a rare suited appearance, waits for his colleague Frank Valencia in an empty boardroom. When Frank arrives, the coupling is explosive and passionate!

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Kristen Bjorn: Sergio Moreno and Richard Rodriguez

Kristen Bjorn: Sergio Moreno and Richard Rodriguez

The golden wall shines down upon our muscle Gods – Sergio Moreno and Richard Rodriguez. The lust and desire for one another runs deep as their steely rods demonstrate. Sergio unleashes Richard’s throbbing cock and encases it with his voluptuous lips and pleasures his entire shaft as he works his way all the way down to his full ball sac. Richard takes Sergio’s head in his hand and begins to face fuck him. Sergio’s cock has grown so hard that it is about to explode, so he takes Richard’s hot mouth and stuffs it with his cock. The guys then mount each other in a 69 position that allows both of their tongues to probe and fuck the other’s pink hole. With both cocks and asses satiated with spit, who gets fucked first? The wrestle to the top has Richard on top of Sergio as he sinks his raw ass down onto Sergio’s rock solid cock.

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Queer Clicks: February 26, 2017 | Gay Porn Gets Roasted In Hilarious New Clip Show, Why Dustin Lance Black Thinks Even Conservatives Will Care About When We Rise, & Other News

Gay Porn Gets Roasted In Hilarious New Clip Show

“In these difficult political times one needs a little levity, and there is nothing funnier than gay porn, at least that’s the premise of a new series from Border2Border Entertainment called “Popporn.”

Gay porn: if you spend any time thinking about it, could be described as situational comedy.

So it comes as no surprise that it is twice as funny when comedians take a look at clips in porn categories such as “Straight2Gay” “Daddy Issues” and “Hard Criminals” and offer high-brow criticisms. ” San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

Why Dustin Lance Black Thinks Even Conservatives Will Care About When We Rise

“If you tune in to ABC at any point during prime time the week of Feb. 27, chances are you’ll come across When We Rise, Dustin Lance Black’s epic, star-studded gay-rights miniseries. Airing from 9 to 11 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, When We Rise tells the story of the birth of the LGBTQ movement in the early 1970s, the AIDS crisis, and the contemporary fight for marriage equality through the experiences of three activists: Roma Guy, Cleve Jones, and Ken Jones. I talked to Black, who won the 2009 Oscar for best original screenplay for Milk, at January’s Television Critics Association gathering.” Slate

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Bubble Butt Sends Internet Into Full Meltdown

“Our LGBT ally to the north is causing quite a stir online after a snap of his plump derriere started making the internet rounds.

A photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tightly fitted trousers, which show off his bubble butt, became the talk of the Internet earlier this week.” The Gaily Grind

Highly Caffeninated Man Hilariously Recreates Scenes From 25 Oscar Contenders In 5 Minutes

“First of all, we’d like to thank God — because an enterprising young man just recreated twenty-five clips from twenty-five 2016 Oscar contenders, and that means we don’t have to watch the ceremony, which is a goddamn slog even in the best of times.” Queerty

André Watson Photographed by Marco Ovando

“André, 23-years-old, is based in New York. Represented by Mega Models and Q Models. See more of Marco Ovando’s work at and on InstagramAccidental Bear

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

Come, see if the GWiP’er of your dreams is among these gorgeous iPhone-loving guys!

This new edition of GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is practically an orgy in the making! Every single one of them is perfect in their own way but my goodness they really potentiate when you look at them together. Imagine what kind of sex party we could have with these ten perfect bodies and their accompanying amazing cocks! To focus in just one is super challenging. The moment you seem to have settle on a favorite the next one raises the stakes. We have absolutely no idea how are you guys going to pick one over the others. What we can guarantee is that you are going to have a blast deciding!

Make the jump to claim your favorites and make your own ranking. Join the conversation in the comments and let us know who’s your pick this week!

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Raging Stallion: Ryan Rose and Alexander Volkov

Muscled Alexander Volkov arrives for his spa day, and Ryan Rose lets him in. Alexander strips down, revealing an incredible physique worthy of a Greek god. With massage oil, Ryan delivers deep tissue relief to Alexander’s bulging muscles, but Alexander’s huge, uncut cock demands attention as well. Stroking Alexander’s cock with one hand, Ryan slips the fingers of his other hand into Alexander’s’ tight ass crack. Stripping off his uniform, Ryan’s hard cock is irresistible to Alexander’s cock-hungry mouth.

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Broke Straight Boys: Cage Kafig and Robb Davis

Cage Kafig and Robb Davis are both country boys, so we’ve brought them into the studio to see if they have anything else in common! They get started with some kisses, making out and grabbing for those cocks as they lose their clothes and go down on each other. Cage sucks Robb’s fat dick and then Robb returns the oral, working Cage’s cock with his wet mouth until they’re both ready to fuck and Cage sticks his ass on the edge of the bed and lets Robb stick his dick in him.

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